Face recognition

Based on face recognition + intelligent temperature measurement
while fully integrating Tencent Haina Property, Tencent Microschool,
Tencent Youtu and other platforms

product description

TNT2-1 face recognition + hand temperature

Face brushing and infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement can realize non-contact screening in a variety of scenarios, realize high temperature, abnormal event warning without mask wearing and personnel identification, increase the detection speed of high temperature people in public places, and reduce the possibility of epidemic transmission

• Smart communities select products for epidemic prevention and control.


Why choose us

  • Tencent Haina Property Managem
    Tencent Haina Property Managem
  • Tencent micro-school manageme
    Tencent micro-school manageme
  • Early warning for high-risk people
    Early warning for high-risk people
  • Integrated Tencent Youtu algorith
    Integrated Tencent Youtu algorith
  • Applet + WeChat has record push
    Applet + WeChat has record push
  • Rich background management vie
    Rich background management vie
  • Huawei Hisilicon AI chip
    Huawei Hisilicon AI chip
  • Tencent Cloud Technical Support
    Tencent Cloud Technical Support

Function point introduction

Function point introduction

Applicable scene

Product parameters

Product parameters
CPU + AI + systemHisilicon AI chip ARM + 1T computing power + Linux
Display8-inch IPS full-angle display, resolution 800 * 1280
SwipeSupport IC, ID (customizable)
networkingStandard configuration RJ45, 4G (customizable)
camera1 million colors + 1 million infrared, dual cameras, support wide dynamic backlight, fixed focal length, automatic exposure control, white balance control, automatic gain
Body temperature detectionNon-contact infrared lattice temperature measurement + accuracy ± 0.5 °