Face Thermography

Dual light intelligence • Fast deployment •
High reliabilityreal-time temperature
measurement and monitoring dual functions

product description

Two-body screening instrument TNT3-617

The dual-light body screening instrument is a rapidly deployed body temperature screening device, which is suitable for rapid body temperature screening in public places.The product adopts the adaptive algorithm of human body temperature measurement to achieve accurate temperature measurement. At the same time, it supports network connection to achieve dual functions of temperature measurement and monitoring, and continues to create value for users.



  • Double light intelligence
    Double light
    Dual light configuration intelligence, efficient personnel identification is more intuitive, easy to trace bac
  • Rapid deployment
    Rapid deployment
    Dual optical plug and play, rapid deployment of accurate temperature measurement intelligence
  • High reliability
    High reliability
    Industrial grade design, multi-scenario application for continuous value creation

Interactive process

Interactive process

Product parameters

Product parameters
Detector typeVanadium oxide refrigeration type
Visible light resolution2688*1520@25fps
Infrared resolution160*120(high precision)
Temperature measurement range30-45℃
Temperature measurement accuracyWith boldface≤ ± 0.3 ℃ / Without boldface≤ ± 0.5 ℃
Temperature measurement distance1m-2m
Protection levelIP67
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