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product description

Temperature measurement terminal TNT1-515H

It supports data interconnection, integrated compatibility of temperature measurement by swiping card, automatic recognition, second speed temperature measurement, voice and other functions. It can realize non-contact screening in a variety of scenarios, high temperature alarm and personnel recognition.

Under the ambient temperature of - 10 ~ 50 ℃, the accuracy can reach ± 0.2 ℃



  • Infrared fast detection
    Infrared fast detection
  • High accuracy and high pass rate
    High accuracy and
    high pass rate
  • No labor required for leak detection
    No labor required for leak detection
  • Non-contact temperature measurement
    Non-contact temperatur
    e measurement
  • Multi-environment use
  • Cost-effective

Product parameters

Product parameters
Temperature measurementInfrared temperature measurement
Temperature measurement accuracy±0.2℃
Temperature measurement range35.8-45℃(not displayed below 35.8 ℃)
Thermometric distance3-15cm
LED screen displayReal time temperature display
Networking 4G
Equipment powerDC5V(±10%)2A
Device power consumption1W MAX
Relative humidity0%~90% (without condensation)
Operating temperature-10℃~50℃
Working environment humidity0%~90%
Equipment size150mm*95mm*35mm